Course Venue

Course Venue

The San Servolo Venice International University (VIU) venue is an ideal place for a residential Course. The International School of Neurological Sciences in Venice (ISNV) is the VIU member that organizes the San Servolo Summer School on Epilepsy. The San Servolo VIU-ISNV premises have complete facilities for 100- person conference and meeting rooms for practical session and student group meetings.

Students are allowed to freely access the didactic material in the computer rooms and in other dedicated spaces.

Both students and faculties are hosted on the island. Students are free to contact all faculty members and discuss issues with them during
the whole residential course. Lodging facilities for up to 200 attendants, a cafeteria and a tennis court are available. Wireless internet service is available throughout the Conference Center and in the condominiums.

Two secretarial staffs are on-site to assist with the logistics of meals, rooms, transportation and AV services. The informal setting of the San Servolo Course makes this venue unique. The site is chosen to promote interaction between participants in a relaxed atmosphere. Attendees usually spend time together not only during the formal session of the conference but also socialize during the informal portions of the conference or during off times. The conference site is accessible for people with disabilities.

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