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Neurobiology of Autism

Rome, Italy - June 25-26,1999

Despite the great deal of progress in the past few years, the neural basis of autism is still largely unknown and represents a major challenge for child neurologists. This workshop will provide an unprecedented opportunity to take an overview of the present state of knowledge on the pathogenesis of autism by leading neuroscientists currently working in this field. At the end of the Decade of the Brain and the beginning of the Third Millennium, Rome, the Eternal City, is a well suited venue for gathering together all interested child neurologists involved in this challenge the following topics will be addressed:

MRI Morphometry
Pathological Studies
Gene/Environment Interactions
Electrophysiological Studies
Pathophysiological Role of Epilepsy
PET Studies
Animal Models
Biochemical Investigations

Abstracts (200 words, preferably in electronic format as E.mail attachment or ascii)
should be sent to:

Prof. Paolo Curatolo
Pediatric Neurolog

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