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International Course: Bridging Basic with Clinical Science - 2 ISNV- International League Against Epilepsy

July 18 - 28, 2005

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Ms. Metella Paterlini
Fax: +39 02 700445211
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Course directors: Marco de Curtis (Italy) and Esper A. Cavalheiro (Brazil)

The principal aim of the course is to encourage interactions between basic scientists and clinicians who study epilepsies, to promote an integrate vision of epileptogenesis/epilepsy. Sponsored by the International League Against Epilepsy, this Residential Course is part of the educational activities of the International School of Neurological Sciences and European Epilepsy Academy (EUREPA). The event will take place at the Venice International University in San Servolo, a small  island in Venice ideal for quietness and seclusion. Aim of the course is to teach attendees to (i) acquire basic knowledge in the pathophysiology of epilepsies; (ii) understand the clinical aspects of epilepsies; (iii) gain from the mutual exchange of information between basic scientists and clinicians; (iv) prepare a grant application in clinical or basic epileptology; (iv) evaluate critically the literature. Lectures on general and specific topics will be interspersed with interactive seminars, workshops, and break-out sessions where small groups of attendees and faculty will be involved in tutorials and problem-solving exercises. The course is primarily targeted to physicians pursuing their training or who have recently specialized in Neurology or other related fields, and research scientists from academia and the pharmaceutical industry who have an active interest in epileptology.
The course will be limited to a maximum of 35 applicants to allow an optimal level of interaction with the faculty. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their CVs; consideration will be given to ensure participation of trainees from different geographical origins and disciplines.

Provisional faculty:
Tutors: Avanzini, Cavalheiro, Chepurnov, de Curtis, Engel, Ozkara, Gutnick, Kokaia, Halasz, Mathern Heinemann, Lopes Da Silva, Mody, Moshe, Noebels, Shandra, Vezzani, Wadman, Wolf
Lecturers: BenAri, Bernasconi, Fariello, Franceschetti, Maccagnano, Perucca, Plouin, Sander, Shorvon, Spreafico, Tassinari, Vigevano,  Zara

Monday July 18th

a.m.    LECTURES
-8.30-9.30   classification of epilepsies                     Engel and Wolf
-10-11.30    use of imaging in epilepsy                     Shorvon, Bernasconi, Maccagnano
-11.30-13    clinical neurophysiology in epilepsy        Halasz, Tassinari, Franceschetti
-14-18        imaging - practical session (2 groups)        Bernasconi and Maccagnano   
-14-18        video-EEG sessions (2 groups)                  Vigevano and Plouin
-18             formation of working-groups (6-7 students) and tutor assignation

Tuesday July 19th

a.m.    LECTURES
-8.30-10       epilepsy models                 de Curtis and Chepurnov
-10.30-12     research techniques: neurophysiology/imaging    Mody, Heinemann, Shandra   
-12-13         research techniques: anatomy            Spreafico and Mathern
-14-18        video session: animal models            Avanzini, Ozkara and Moshe
-14-18        anatomy session                Spreafico and Cavalheiro

Wednesday July 20th

a.m.    LECTURES
-8.30-9.30         epileptogenesis : membrane properties        Gutnick and Wadman       
-9.30-10.30       epileptogenesis: synaptic properties        Ben Ari and Mody
-10.30-11.30     epileptogenesis: tissue aspects            Kokaia and Vezzani
-11.30-12.30     epileptogenesis: glia/neurovascular interactions    Heinemann and de Curtis
p.m.    LECTURES

-14-15        genetic background and phenotypic expression    Noebels and Zara
-15-16        mechanisms of action of AED            Avanzini and Heinemann
-16-18        therapy of epilepsies                Perucca, Sander, Fariello

Thursday July 21st

a.m.    PRACTICAL SESSIONS (3 groups)
-8.30-13        simulation of physiological experiments        Heinemann and Mody
-8.30-13        genetics and data base consultation        Zara
-8.30-13        signal processing and analysis             Lopes Da Silva
p.m. - free afternoon

July 22nd-25th – Working group tutorial
a.m.    - 8.30-10        journal club
p.m.    - 14-15        lectures on specific topics and on demand
           -17-18.30    journal club

July 26th and 27thWorking group presentation and topic lectures 
research projects discussed by the students, lecturers, tutors and by external discussants.

July 28th –29th –30th  III Conference on Epileptogenesis

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