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Course - Summer School on Epilepsy
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 Epilepsy  Director's Letter
Trough the Epilepsy section it's possible to access the innovative On-Line Course, an interactive solution to all the registered students who are interested to examine closely the Epilepsy Subject. To access, it's necessary a username and password.
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The International School of Neurological Sciences located on the island of S. Servolo, Venice (ISNV) was founded in 1990, at the beginning of the "Brain Decade". The ISNV's aim is to provide health professionals with the opportunity to Improve their skills in the Neurological Sciences. - More in the section Director's Letter.
 Historical Overview  Info-Point
Documents show that there was a monastery on the island of S. Servolo as early as the 8th century. These monks were eventually joined by a convent of nuns and the religious complex remained up until the 17th century.
More in the Historical Overview section

All the directions you need to arrive to the International school of Neurological Sciences in S. Servolo Island. In the section Info-Point you'll find a complete guide to all the travel solutions, including airplane, car, and train.


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